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Helen Perry

Corporate & Personal Image Consultant

Image Consultant Helen Perry:


I’m thrilled you’re here. We’re a lot alike, you and me. We both want to be the best version of ourselves. It’s happened to all of us. We intended to convey one message and were perceived in a completely different light. It could have been our tone, word choice, dress, countenance or merely the way we entered a room. How do I know? Professionally speaking, from years of training and experience. Personally speaking, it’s happened to me!

When clients place their trust in me with something as personal as their appearance, the style with which they greet the world, I pay close attention. Attention to their goals, their world, their approach. What’s working for them, what’s not? With every presentation, every handout, every garment selected for a client, there is purpose. Clarifying the basics of tone of voice, dress and mannerisms inevitably improves interaction with others both personally and professionally.

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Helen’s Programs

P.A.T.H. Program

The only sustainable source of competitive advantage that you have is your ability to learn faster than your competition.​​


Eticool School was developed in 1992 by Helen Perry and designed to give young people communication skills and manners vital to their success. ​

College Prep

Tristan Klimas attended Eticool School during elementary school. Ten years later, I had the pleasure of creating the perfect college wardrobe!​


Etiquette – Men and Women​

Ensuring that others feel comfortable around you is the most valuable benefit of practicing good etiquette. With that, we don't "use" good manners, we "have"them.

Style Show

Houston's Blue Bird Circle celebrated 90 years at Houston Country Club. The 50 looks on 19 models were styled and coordinated by Helen Perry. All proceeds went to Texas Children.

Impression Management

Judgements are not based on our personality or intentions but on our behavior. Impression Management Coaching gives clients an objective assessment of how they maybe coming across, what maybe holding them back and how to truly bring their A-Game to the table.

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Helen was recently featured on the Beyond The Business Podcast and shred her wisdom as a personal image consultant. You can listen to the full episode below!

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Part 2:

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Helen Perry

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