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Helen Perry

How to Bring Your A-Game To The Table – Part 2

Half of life is just showing up. When in doubt, go. Go to seminars, non-profit events, lectures at museums, interest groups, funerals-show up. Determine just how you want to show up. Different life events require different demeanors: Respectful, approachable, interested, confident, quiet, etc. The practice of Impression Management is a relatively new buzzword with a […]

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Enron Style

Jeffrey Skilling’s trim haircut gives him a choirboy demeanor. When it was longer and less coiffed, he looked more rebellious. Steve Ueckert, Houston Chronicle Prosecutor John Hueston’s American-flag pin sends a subliminal message that he’s on the side of truth and justice. Mayra Beltran, Houston Chronicle Enron defendants, prosecutors fashion conservative attire By Clifford PughCopyright

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Summer Chic

July 15, 2004, 12:39AMYou don’t need a lot of money to look chic this summer By JOY SEWINGCopyright 2004 Houston Chronicle The trouble with most trendy invitations for cocktails is that you’re never sure what to wear. Take martini chic. It’s the look of the moment that recalls classic images of the early 1960s Rat

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Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice: the woman behind the frownBy DANIEL J. VARGASCopyright 2004 Houston Chronicle Condoleezza Rice, why do you frown so? We understand that testifying in public before the independent commission investigating the events of 9/11 is hardly a joyous occasion. And not that we’d expect the national security adviser to smile. Truth is, we’ve become

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Embattled Celebrities Get Dressed For Arrest

Embattled celebrities get dressed for arrestBy LIZ EMBRYCopyright 2004 Houston Chronicle The celebrity perp walk. Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Skilling and, now, Calvin Murphy. Game-faced lawyers, confident strides and, oh, those outfits. Domestic diva Stewart toted a $14,000 handbag into the courtroom; Winona Ryder, accused of shoplifting high-end ready-to-wear, sported designer Marc Jacobs throughout

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Hot-Weather Fashion: The Right To Bare Legs

Aug. 14, 2007, 12:48PMHot-weather fashion: the right to bare legsIt’s a fine line between dress codes and staying cool By CLIFFORD PUGHCopyright 2007 Houston Chronicle When it comes to dressing, Houston is a conservative town – professionally speaking. It’s so traditional that until last week, female employees in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office had

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