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Customer Service Facts and Figures

“Customer”is defined as a person who buys, a person with whom one has dealings. The customer is the reason we stay in business.

IT PAY$ TO PLEASE…98% of customer interactions are faster and more efficient when the service provider takes the time to establish a relationship and create rapport.We’ll spend up to 10% more for the same product with better service.When we receive good service, we tell 9-12 people on average.When we receive poor service, we tell up to 20 people.An 82% chance exists that customers will repurchase from a company if their complaint is handled quickly and pleasantly.If the service is really poor, 91% of customers won’t go back to a store/service provider.Over the telephone, 86% of the message is conveyed through our tone of voice and only 14% through our words.Keeping a mirror by the phone serves as a reminder to receptionists to freshen hair and makeup and, even when we may not feel like it, to smile when speaking. The caller can and will hear a smile.

AllBusiness.com lists these as The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Customer Service:1. Not training your staff properly2. Trying to win an argument with a customer3. Being inaccessible to customers…Distancing yourself from customers can send them straight to providers who will give them that one-on-one attention they deserve.4. Standing by your policy, no matter what- The phrase “If I do that for you, I’ll have do to it for everyone,” is one of the fastest ways to lose customers.5. Failing to keep promises6. Keeping poor customer records7. Giving customers the runaround- passing the buck is akin to passing your customer off to the competition.8. Sending canned responses9. Failing to listen to customer’s needs10. Forgetting the basics-Please and Thank you go a long way.

Customers won’t leave if their needs are met.

SIX BASIC CUSTOMER NEEDS1. Friendliness2. Understanding & Empathy3. Fairness4. Control5. Options6. Information

Customers can be challenging, enjoyable, a pleasure to serve, demanding and sometimes unreasonable. Whatever the case may be, let’s be grateful for every one that crosses our path and do our level best to satisfy beyond expectations.

As seen in BBB Houston Newsletter, June 2014

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