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P.A.T.H. Program

The only sustainable source of competitive advantage that you have is your ability to learn faster than your competition. Helen Perry gives you that competitive edge.

The Mission…Results. Guiding organizations and individuals toward a culturally specific delivery of customer service, communication, professional appearance, business protocol and etiquette. These elements and more are addressed as fundamental catalysts to increase productivity.

The Resources…Extensive, Tried and True. Stemming from an enriched base of training, education and experience, combined with continuing research on non-verbal communication and the changing marketplace.

The Relationships…Authentic. Grown through the satisfaction of clients and are established based on honesty, fairness, trust and respect. There is no place for callousness and arrogance – only integrity and high ethical standards.

The Goal…Clarity. Emerges when individuals feel productive and self-confident that their personal appearance, communications skills and heightened professional awareness are aligned with their personal and organizational goals.

The Rewards…Endless. Heightened morale, increased bottom line, employee retention and an environment in which clients discover just How Good They Really Can Be.

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