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Helen Perry, Speaker - Personal & Corporate Image Consultant

Employee Training: “Impression Management”

PATH Seminar Featuring Helen Perry

Helen Perry is a Corporate and Personal Image Consultant based in Houston, TX. With humor, skill and current content, Helen informs and entertains her audiences leaving them with a sharpened perspective of how they could be perceived by others. She guides them in putting their most authentic foot forward in order to maximize and fully enjoy life’s social, professional and personal opportunities.

The Story of You-Managing Your Professional Image and Brand

You are your brand and image…whether or not you manage them. To deny yourself, your career and your company the opportunity to be authentic, creative and unique is costly. A clear personal brand ensures that you and the company you represent are true to the values and definition of that brand.

Ms. Perry’s repertoire for keynotes and training sessions includes:

We communicate our Image and Brand through...

Presentation Topics Include:

Helen Speaking at the WEN -Womens Energy Network