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I was asked by Mayor Parker to meet Nikki Taylor who was giving a check to the City of Houston on behalf of Reader’s Digest. Ms. Taylor commented that I “looked fabulous!” She loved my sense of style and color coordination. I said it was all Helen Perry!
Terence O'Neill
City Of Houston, Director of the Office of International Communities
I thank God for Helen who removes the wrinkles from what to wear dilemmas amidst deep caring friendship!
Dr. Cynthia Forde
Reverend, Grandmother of Bride
Since 2008, Helen Perry has taught over 40 classes in our store. Her students are always nicely dressed and very respectful. Eticool School is a quality experience for young people and their families bringing in both regular and new customers who never knew about Bering’s. We see an increase in sales while making a valuable contribution to our community. Our son took the class three times.
Augie Bering, V
President, Bering’s Hardware
I love what you did. These guys are familiar enough with the technical side of what we do. We’ll handle that part. Please come back for our new employees and teach what you taught last time - shake hands, look the client in the eye, be polite and respectful, talk about what we’re going to do in their home, etc… You’re so awesome. It had a lasting impact on our team--they’re still talking about it.
Donnie Boutwell
President & CEO Media System
Helen is a woman of great character and the innate ability to overcome obstacles. She openly credits God with all successes and brings integrity and value to every project. Her employee trainings are beautifully presented and have had lasting results with our staff.
Nina and Edd Hendee, Owners
Taste of Texas
When you hire Helen, you have the best advocate anyone could ever want in your corner. Just as an interior designer gives a room an edge, a sparkle, Helen’s clients shine with a crisp look from head to toe and the confidence of knowing they didn’t guess at it. Time and time again, I’ve seen them get promotions, invitations, and open doors.
Sandi Denenburg
United Airlines
Helen takes the time to get to know each client and make sure she addresses their unique needs. You won't find a cookie-cutter approach with her. Helen genuinely enjoys getting to know each client and going the extra mile to help them meet their goals with her special talents.
John Harris
HoustonFirst Corporation
Helen has been buying and styling my clothes for over 20 years. I receive compliments every time I wear Helen's selections. You can't ask any more than that! Helen takes the time to get to know one's style, likes and dislikes. I only have praise for Helen's work for me.
Karen Nakfoor
I came in contact with Helen Perry when trying to identify a consultant to help some employees’ image concerns within our organization. The day I met Helen for the first time I was extremely nervous thinking, “What do you wear to meet an image consultant?” Soon after sitting down with Helen, I found myself at extreme ease. She came across as poised and professional but also very funny and personable. Ultimately, Helen was engaged by my company to work with a number of our employees through one-on-one activities, as well as group presentations which were well-received by the staff. Helen is very passionate about what she does and is a great investment to anyone looking to brush up their image, etiquette, or communication skills. I learned a lot through my dealings with Helen which also inspired me to make personal adjustments to my own style.
Cheryl Blake
Director of Human Resources, Sumitomo Corporation
I have thoroughly enjoyed having Helen Perry as my personal image consultant. I first became acquainted with Helen when I attended one of her fashion shows sponsored by my church. Impressed with her sense of style and professional presentation, I asked her to help me prepare for a family reunion. She worked with me in planning my wardrobe for the three-day event as well as in preparing and delivering a speech I delivered. Helen is extremely talented and knowledgeable in her field. I found her easy to work with. She gave me advice, but also listened and addressed my wants and concerns. From the beginning, she made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who needs her services. She can go through your closet and help you choose the styles and colors that best suit you. She has taken me shopping, helped me with makeup application and fine tuned my speech skills. From her years of experience, she knows where in Houston to buy what you are looking for. She is top in her business and can help you put your best foot forward.
Leanna Smith
Helen Perry cares about and personalizes each and every client encounter whether for an individual or an organization. She has spent her entire successful career helping others put their best selves forward. And her presentations for our client events received extremely positive feedback from our guests and colleagues! Helen is able to recommend incremental to major changes, depending upon a client's needs and budget. I highly recommend Helen!
Pam Lovett
Director, Business Development and Community Affairs Comerica Bank
Helen is simply the best in the business. Whether it comes to style, manners, or apparel, she stands alone at the top. I have been happy to refer many friends to her. She is a pleasure to work with and brings a great sense of humor to boot!
George Connelly, Partner
Chamberlain Hrdlicka
You saw me at my lowest point, Helen, but I picked myself back up in time, largely thanks to you. I will continue to rise above the distractions, keep my chin up and conduct myself confidently in all my new work clothes. Keep in touch, Helen." --Corporate Client (after 16 months of coaching)
Corporate Client
I’ve had her in my closet, in the stores, and on my show – she’s a pro in any setting.
Kathie Turner
Television/News, Houston, TX
In one week, Helen reached 30 managers and 80 front-line employees, resulting in increased self-esteem, enthusiasm and greater productivity.
Jean Renner
Vice President, Delnor Community Hospital, Batavia, IL
Helen is an artistic whirlwind who builds a quality wardrobe with minimal time and money expended. We feel organized which enhances our presentation.
Sharon and Mike Kelly
Personal Clients
Helen has worked with Neiman Marcus in many capacities-shopping for clients, teaching children’s etiquette classes and presenting at a staff meeting. She has a keen eye for style and always delivers with excellence.
Stacey Swift
Public Relations Manager, Neiman Marcus, Houston, TX