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The Ties That Bind: Clinton and Obama

June 27, 2008

The ties that bind – and match, too

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

Maybe Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are taking this “unity” thing a little too far. The two senators showed up for their first joint public appearance in Unity, N.H., in matching colors.

His periwinkle-blue tie perfectly matched her pantsuit. The look was a little too “matchy, matchy” for most style experts.

“For $10 million, I’d put on the same color suit as his tie any day, even if it were pea green,” said Houston image consultant Helen Perry, referring to reports that Obama will help Clinton pay off her campaign debts.

Some of the comments posted on The Chronicle attached to this article:

“They make a beautiful couple and are both very photogenic. However, we are not voting for appearances.”

“McCain will be the next president of the US regardless of the wardrobes of the Democratic politicians.”

“Blue is the new RED. I’ll opt for cammo.”

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